Tunis Final scientific program

 International Iraqi Medical Association

14th Annual General Medical Conference
18-19 July 2018                                         Le Royal Hotel Hammamat, Tunis 
Final Scientific Program

Day 1: Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Opening Ceremony (9:00-950)           Dr. Ali Harjan, President, IIMA 
                                                           Representatives, Tunis Medical Partners

Day 1: Surgical Specialties
Session (1): (09:50-11:30)   
Chairpersons:  Professor Ali Khaki and Dr. Cadili

Title of the Topic
Name of Speaker Country Timing
1- History of Arab and Islamic Medicine Prof. Ali Al-Harjan UAE 09:50-10:10
2- Update in the Management of Acute Appendicitis  Prof. Ali Khaki USA 10:10-10:30
3- The Shift to Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Abdul Mujib Cadili Canada 10:30-10:50
4- Omental Flaps for treatment of longstanding lymphedema of the lower limbs Dr. Saad Attash Iraq 10:50-11:10
5- Primary Hydatid Cyst of the Breast Prof. Mohammed Saleh Younis Iraq 11:10-11:30

Medical Exhibition            Coffee Break (11:30- 11:50)         
Session (2): (11:50-13:30)   
Chairpersons:  Dr Sawsan Ali Abood and Dr. Amina Al-Ani

  Title of the Topic Name of Speaker Country Timing
6- Pre Operative vs Postoperative Shunts in Meningocele Repair Prof. Ali Al-Musawi Iraq 11:50-12:10
7- Effect of Cystocele Repair in in Female Patients with stress incontinence Dr. Amina Al-Ani Iraq 12:10-12:30
8- Myomectomy vs total Abdominal Hystrectomy in woman with uterine fibroids Dr Sawsan Ali Abood Iraq 12:30-12:50
9- Incontinence Surgery Vs Bariatric Surgery in Obese Women Mr Haydar Shabana UK 12:50-13:10
10- Does Soaking Synthetic Mesh in Vanco Solution Reduce Infection      Dr. Ali Cadili Canada     13:10-13:30

Day 2: Thursday, 19 July, 2018
Day 2: Medical Specialties 
Session (3): (09:00-11:00)    
Chairpersons: Professor Abdulsalam Al-Kassab and Professor Zaid Abboudi

  Title of the Topic Name of Speaker Country Timing
1- Update on Hematology/Oncology Prof. Zaid Abboudi UK 09:00­-09:20
2- Update on Osteoporosis Prof. Abulsalam Al-Kassab USA 09:20-09:40
3- Radiological Study of Neural Tube Defect Prof. Saad Shahwani Iraq 09:40-10:00
4- Short Ultrasound Cases during and after Mosul Battle Dr Ghassan Al Chalabi Iraq 10:00-10:20
5- Use of Ultrasound in Emergency Room Prof. Massarat Hassan Pakistan 10:20-10:40

Coffee Break (10:40-11:00)
Session (5): (11:20-13:00)    
Chairpersons: Prof Muhsin Alsabbak and Dr. Saber Shebel

  Title of the Topic Name of Speaker Country Timing
6- Suicidal Phenomenon in Iraq between numbers and Facts Prof  Qasim Hussein Saleh Iraq 11:00-11:20
7 Metal Contamination and the Risk of Birth Defects in South Iraq Prof. Muhsin Alsabbak   11:20-11:40
8 Treatment of Acute Stroke:
An Update
Dr. Saber Shebel Tunisia 11:40-12:00
9- Update on Spinal Surgery Dr. Elmottakel Bosairi
Tunisia 12:00-12:20



Intra peritoneal calcifying fibrous tumor
Up to date in Depresion 

Hayder Hussein Ibrahim

Dr. Ali Harjan 




12:40- 01:00


Closing Ceremony and Open Forum (12:40-13:00)
Dr Ali Al Harjan and IIMA Representatives
End of Second Day 

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