Appreciation Letter

 Dr Ali Al Harjan

President, International Iraqi Medical Association


RE: 14th Annual Conference of IIMA Tunis - 2018


Dear Dr Al Harjan,


I am writing to thank you for another successful conference of the International Iraqi Medical Association which has just completed in Hammamet, Tunisia.

To start with, the attendance was excellent with over 250 medical professionals including physicians, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals predominantly from Iraq. In addition, your efforts have enriched the conference with local participants from Tunisia as well as from Palestine through the Tunisian Palestinian Medical Association (of graduates from Iraq). This gave the conference added international exposure. The audience was extremely enthusiastic about learning and interacted very actively with the presenters in a very dignified scientific exchange.

The Scientific program was very robust and covered a wide scope of topics which made it appealing to the audience members who have a variety of medical specialties. The papers presented ranged from review papers covering the up to date knowledge in various fields of medicine as well as very credible research papers done locally in Iraq addressing important public health issues. The conference was particularly enriched by a large number of young presenters from within Iraq’s various cities, who used it as a platform to present their original research which was well received. In addition, speakers from around the world also gave the conference an important scientific enrichment. Of particular importance was the participation of the local Tunisian speakers who shared with the audience the local practice about a variety of medical topics, highlighting the similarities in medical care between Iraq and Tunisia.

The logistical side of the conference including the venue and the travel arrangements were also very well received. The venue in particular was very convenient and modern and accommodated the meeting requirements as well as the logistical requirements in entertainment provided to the guests. I had a lot of positive feedback from the audience about this aspect. Similarly, the logistics involving travel, transport, and the social program were largely successful with the hard work of the IIMA supportive staff on the ground as well as the chapter presidents in Iraq and group leaders.

In summary, this was a very successful conference that will give the association a boost to continue in future activities and particularly maintaining an annual general meeting in addition to the specialty conferences and workshops proposed. I would like to thank you and all the staff for the hard work.


Yours Sincerely,

Abdulsalam Al-Kassab, MD, PhD, MRCP, FACE

Professor of Endocrinology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Chairman, Scientific Committee, International Iraqi Medical Association

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