Introduction to Xanit Hospital

Specialist Areas in Xanit Hospital


Heart Institute:

Clinical Cardiology
Aortic Pathology Unit
Athletes Screening Unit
Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention
Marfan Syndrome Unit 
Interventional Cardiology Unit 
Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias Unit
Cardiac Surgery 
Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit


Xanit Oncology Institute (IOX):

Medical Oncology 
Radiotherapeutic Oncology 
Psycho-oncology Unit
Genetic Counseling Program
Early Diagnosis and Prevention Unit

Neuroscience Institute:

Clinical Neurophysiology
Clinical Psychology
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy 
Adult and Child Neuropsychology. ADHD Unit. 
Sleep Disorders Unit
Brain Injury Unit 
Movement Disorders Unit 
Headache and Neuropathic Pain Unit

Most Advanced Technology in Xanit Hospital
Nuclear Medicine
Hemodynamics, Interventional Radiology and Electro physiology
Echo endoscopy
Non Invasive Coronariography (Virtual)
Cardiac Calcium Scoring
Non Invasive colonoscopy (Virtual)
Prostate Spectroscopy
Breast Spectroscopy
Hyperbaric Medicine

2) Agreement:

Dr. Ali Al-Harjan signed an agreement with Xanit Hospital during the Spain Conference.

The most important thing is:

Training of IIMA members and Medical Student in the Xanit Hospital is 2 weeks in each speciality


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