Introduction to IAVANTE Simulation Medical Center


1) Brief about the Center

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Training in IAVANTE is based on the combination of innovative simulation methodologies, carried out in highly realistic environments and endorsed by the expert knowledge of its teaching team.


Evaluation and Selection

IAVANTE provides evaluation and selection based on the measurement of professional competencies through innovative simulation methodologies applied in realistic scenarios and controlled by experts in each subject in order to obtain objective results on standards of efficacy, efficiency and quality.


*Specialised Training Programme
Iavante manages the training of healthcare professionals through comprehensive training programmes where the main purpose is to improve care quality and patient safety.

The Iavante Advanced Multifunctional Center for Simulation and Technological Innovation in Granada (Spain) is a leading medical simulation centre due to its combination of innovative didactic methodologies in clinical simulation.

This training programme includes training in complex technical skills and non-technical skills, relational skills in advanced critical care and training in endoscopic techniques.


Training Events


Specialised Training



  • Advanced training in critical anaesthesiology situations
  • Advanced training in critical patient care
  • Advanced training in emergency situation
  • Advanced training paediatrics patient care
  • Advanced training for experts in critical patient care
  • Emergency team training in initial care of the severe trauma patient



  • Basic techniques in bronchoscopy
  • Expert practice in upper digestive endoscopy
  • Expert practice in colonoscopy
  • Expert practice in paediatrics digestive endoscopy


*Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Programme
Iavante's comprehensive surgical programme includes training and research into minimally invasive surgical techniques to provide training for surgeons in endoscopic, robotic and microsurgery.

CMAT therefore, is the ideal location to hold this comprehensive training and research programme.

The Andalusian Government's Regional Ministry of Health has provided with a da Vinci Surgical System for the training for health professionals, making it the second training centre outside the United States where surgical teams are accredited in the use of this emerging technology.

This robotic surgery programme will also allow the advancement of surgial techniques in specialties which have not yet investigated approaches assited by this new technology. This line of work is of paramout importance for the development of robotic surgery and will undoubtedly have international significance.


Minimally Invasive Surgery



  • Training in da Vinci robotic surgery. Accreditation of surgical teams
  • Introduction to da Vinci robotic surgery
  • Robotic training in prostate laparoscopic surgery
  • Training in renal robotic surgery



  • Master in endoscopic surgery
  • Advanced training in urological laparoscopy
  • Advanced training in gynaecological laparoscopy
  • Advanced training in cranial base endoscopic approaches
  • Basic training in virtual and percutaneous endourology
  • Advanced training in virtual and percutaneous endourology



  • Advanced training in vasculonervous surgery
  • Training in surgical trechniques on the temporal bone
  • Introduction to phacoemulsification
  • Training in vertebroplasty and kyphoplastry


2) Agreement

Dr. Ali Harjan during his visit to Spain in the period 15-28 December 2013, he has met Dr. Jose Manual, Head of Advanced Multifunctional Center for Simulation and Technological Innovation ( in Granada.
English Version:
Iavante, is an International Center and one of the prominent center in Europe, even they provide Master degree in specific subspecialties. Thousands of candidates enrolled yearly in the activities of the center.


1. Facilitating the acceptance of IIMA Members to complete their High Studies to get the High Diploma (no less than 6 months) and Certificate of Master in the various branches of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Medical Basic Sciences against special rates for IIMA Members.
2. To organize Courses and Workshops according to the request of IIMA Members.
3. The Participation of IIMA Members in the Scientific Activities which will be organize by the center.



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